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The growth momentum of the outdoor advertising market in 2023 is stable, and COB may become a new favorite for outdoor landing projects!

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Currently, the development of outdoor LED advertising screens in China is mature. Screen companies often provide customers with a comprehensive solution based on common user needs, including: LED display subsystem, control subsystem, power supply subsystem, video management subsystem, audio subsystem, and structural subsystem. This solution attracts customers for several reasons:
01 Rich content display
Breaking the conventional single form of expression of outdoor media, it can support various formats such as images, videos, web pages, text, audio, PDF, etc., to meet diverse requirements for advertising materials.
02 Various control forms
For example, if the screen location is convenient for management, it supports program playback through computers or USB drives; if personnel are inconvenient to control the screen at close range, they can manage it within the local area network; if outdoor network construction is inconvenient, it can also be equipped with a 4G module to easily achieve cluster management of display screens across different regions.
03 Product safety and reliability
The outdoor environment is harsh, withstanding extreme temperatures, wind and rain, dust, moisture, lightning strikes, earthquakes, etc. The LED display has strong protection capabilities against high temperature, corrosion, dust, water, lightning, and vibration. At the same time, LED screens have a long service life and do not need frequent replacement.
04 Flexible playback form
The outdoor media solution can provide various playback forms. In addition to single material rotation, it can also combine multiple different materials (images, videos, texts, etc.) and implement flexible content playback through certain rules (daily, weekly, playback times, etc.). It can also meet the needs of scheduled broadcasting, content rotation, and interruption broadcasting.
05 Strong eye-catching ability
LED displays have high brightness. They display more clearly in daylight and have high color reproduction under sunlight. The displayed image is uniform and consistent with a super-high refresh rate, making the displayed image smoother and free of water ripples when taking photos. Outdoor LED screens can achieve seamless large-area display with ultra-large-area 3D displays as the main outdoor advertising.
Because of these remarkable advantages, the market prospects for outdoor LED advertising screens in China are broad. In particular, 3D naked-eye displays, outdoor grid screens, and light grid screens are developing very rapidly. It is expected that future outdoor LED advertising screens will develop towards high-definition intelligence and COB.
3D Naked-Eye Displays Help Outdoor LED Advertising Screens Take off Rapidly
Before the emergence of 3D naked-eye displays, people were tired of various ubiquitous outdoor advertisements that were mainly text-based and image-based with monotonous content, boring advertising words, limited creativity, and annoying. However, since the South Korean 3D water tank screen took the world by storm in 2019, it opened up a creative window for outdoor advertising. With various creative videos and interactive functions added to it, people immerse themselves in it, actively participate in interaction, and experience unprecedented feelings. After this innovative business model was recognized by people, it quickly flourished in China and then spread all over the world.
Outdoor 3D screens use people‘s visual dislocation to make audiences feel three-dimensional effects without carrying any equipment. They are very attractive. Currently, in some urban commercial centers and areas with high traffic density, we often see their figures because their super shocking visual and auditory effects can attract customer attention. Coupled with interactive functions, they greatly enhance audience experience and help businesses attract customers and improve conversion rates. Nowadays, many 3D naked-eye projects have become local internet celebrities and have also promoted the development of local cities. Therefore, they are very popular. Screen World believes that this mature business model has immediate results and is expected to remain popular for some time and flourish even more overseas markets.
Grid Screens and Light Grid Screens Shine Brightly in Outdoor LED Advertising
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