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P8 outdoor post module appearance

    内容详情/Details of the content
    Outdoor P8 surface mount three-in-one technical parameters
    Module Unit Module  Item  Item Parameter  Parameter
    Model      Model Number UN-P8-4S
    Module size      Module size 256mm*128mm
    Physical spacing    Pixel pitch 8mm
    Physical Density      Pixels Density 15625 points / m2
    Emission color to    Pixel configuration 1R1G1B
    LED package      mode SMD2828
    Modules respectively of     Pixel resolution 32dots(W)*16 dots(H)
    Module Maximum power consumption  Max Power consumpion 25W
    Module weight       Weight 0.35kg
    Drive mode       Drive type Constant Current Driver Constant drive
    Scan mode       Scan mode  1/4 scan  1 / 4scan
    Interface       Port type HUB75-A
    White balance brightness     Brightness of white balance ≥ 5500cd/m2 
    Packaging carton size   Package of Carton  
    Packaging       Quantity  
    Carton weight       G.weight  
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