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Flexible led modules series

P2.5 P2 P1.8 Indoor Soft module

P2.5 P2 P1.8 Indoor Soft Curve Flexible led display screen module

1> Soft, flexible led module, easy to do irregular size

2> Easy to splicing 16:9 ratio

3> Small spacing, easy to do 2K, 4K Ultra HD led screen

4> Full front maintemance without space needed for backside

5> Multiple installation way, DIY unique shape.


    LED panel is soft, easy to do irregular shape, curve, sphere, circle, cylindrical, square and ect.

    Widly use in indoor decoration and advetsing, nightbar, DJ booth, TV Broadcast, commercial advertising led sign, retail shop, shopping mall and ect.

    LED Module Parameters

    Pixel Pitch: 2.5mm, 2.0mm, 1.8mm
    Module Size: 320*160mm
    Brightness: ≥800nits
    Max Current: ≤5A
    Pixel Density: 160000 dots/㎡
    Refresh Rate: ≥ Q-PRO 3840Hz |  Q-E 1920HZ
    Port: HUB75
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