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Company Profile

Shenzhen Univisions Technology Co., Ltd. created in 2016.It is a high-tech company specializing in various indoor and outdoor full-color LED display modules,panels and accessories etc. Focusing on products R&D, produce, sales and after-sales service.

We gathers technical engineers in the LED display industry and has a large number of experienced and professional skills talents. We also have an excellent sales and after-sale service team. Relying on technical strength and rich resources, the company adheres to the enterprise spirit of quality-oriented, technology innovation, and win-win cooperation".Our products have been widely used in stations, squares,  shopping malls, stock exchanges, airports, railways, stadiums, theaters, hospitals, hotels, and other places. Because of the quality with reasonable price, technical advanced and thoughtful after-sales service. We have received reputation and trusted from cutomers and establishing a globe marketing network.
In terms of technology, Shenzhen Univisions Technology Co., Ltd. has world-class video controling and driving technology.All products produced with realize modular design, advanced equipment and high efficient management system. To persue quality first,every process in the production has received corresponding controlled.

Our advantage in competition:
Established a solid foundation for brand development with the rich experience.
Shenzhen Univisions Display Technology has won the favor of domestic and foreign customers with its highly competitive product cost-effectiveness and comprehensive after-sales service! At present, it has formed strategic partnerships with customers in Germany, the United States, Japan, Australia, the Middle East, Peru, Vietnam, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries, and has obtained a stable international market. While obtaining a large number of international orders, domestic sales have continued to grow, and ODM has achieved significant development, whether under its own brand or OEM. The company‘s R&D and production have been recognized by many well-known advertisers.

Strong technology research and development capabilities
Shenzhen Univisions Technology Co., Ltd. has the strongest independent research&development capabilities and technical team in the industry, capable of fully undertaking technical development work in various technical fields such as electronic circuits, software, optics, thermodynamics, structure, and power distribution. It has always maintained a leading position in technology in China.

Reliable quality assurance
Firstly, the products of Shenzhen Xinshida Display Technology are designed and manufactured according to first-class quality and process standards. Not only does it have obvious technological advantages compared to competitive products from domestic manufacturers, but it also takes the lead in reaching the international top product quality level in China. Finally, modern production facilities such as full-automatic surface mounting production line, reflow soldering welding production lines, screw machine production line, glue filling production line, standardized production process and scientific quality control means.

Dedicated customer service
Professional engineers and logistics support personns formed  to the customer service team of Shenzhen Univision Technology Co.,Ltd. After years of project implementation experience and multiple major engineering tests, we have rich experience and emergency response capabilities.

Diverse product choices
Our main products are P1.25/P1.5625/P1.86/P1.875/P1.923/P2.5/P3/P3.91/P4/P4.81/P5/P6/P7.62 indoor high-definition LED full color display screens, P2.5/P3/P3.91/P4/P4.81/P5/P6/P8/P10 outdoor high-definition LED full color display screens.