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What is the MIP technology

Time:2023-11-13 Views:30
MIP technology, or Micro LED in Package, is an advanced packaging architecture based on Micro LED. This technology originated from small-pitch display products that have been tested over time and is essentially a organic combination of Micro LED and discrete devices. Specifically, it separates the large-area entire display panel for encapsulation, which greatly improves yield control in smaller areas, and moves the testing process from the chip to the encapsulation stage.
The MiP process effectively combines the mature process of Mini LED with the higher production efficiency and more advanced technology of Micro LED, making it one of the effective paths for reducing the pitch of LED displays. In addition, MiP also has the advantages of SMD and COB technologies, inheriting the color expression and easy maintenance of SMD, as well as the high reliability of COB, so its manufacturing cost is lower.
In summary, the emergence of MIP technology not only improves the production efficiency and quality of LED products, reduces manufacturing costs, but also provides the possibility for further reduction in the pitch of LED display products.